November 2014- February 2015:

Chronic Pain and Postural Awareness in the Equestrian

– A series of case studies on local equestrians with chronic pain. Each participant receives a baseline assessment of injuries, chronic pain, functional movement, and posture (unmounted) as well as a mounted position assessment before beginning an 8week postural and fitness program. Weekly check-ins and manual therapies are performed as needed. After 8weeks another assessment will be done and compared to the initial assessment. The aim of this is to see how pain changes with consistent awareness of posture and improvements in overall movement ability both on and off the horse.

If you’re interested in learning more about the results of this study please contact me at!

October 2014:

Functional Low Back Pain and the Equestrian: Prevention and Care 

A review paper on the current research regarding equestrians and spine health, how best to approach the prevention and care of the issue as a movement professional.

Body Awareness and Postural Re-Eduction as Treatments for Chronic Pain in the Equestrian Athlete

Focused on motor learning and control, a review of the most recent research regarding body awareness training and motor learning, and how it relates to treating chronic pain in the riding athlete.

July 2013:

Elite Equestrian and High Performance Conditioning: A Case Study

A theoretical outline of a full fitness program for an elite equestrian athlete, including pre and post competition season fitness plans.

November 2012:

The biomechanics of posting trot: an Unskilled vs. Skilled Rider Comparison 


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