Being in the work force since the age of 16, I have a diverse collection of experiences ranging from the food service industry, agriculture and research, administrative work, grooming, the media, coaching, and the health and fitness industry.

Using my experience in the horse industry, I have been able to assist local 4H clubs as a lesson instructor, and have worked with private clients teaching basic skills and helping set and achieve personal riding and training goals. I have worked with Horse Connection, a local organisation that works with troubled youth to bring structure and life skills into their lives through working with horses, as an assistant instructor and in management of the lesson horses.

Most recently I have been privileged to work in the industry I am pursuing a career in, through practical internships in high school football (assistant trainer at Murdock McKay, Canadian Mennonite University Women’s basketball, and St. John’s Ravencourt senior hockey teams and at a current staff position at MORfit Training Centre as both gym staff, and assisting in the clinic. I work through my University with an Older Adults fitness program, and have been a teaching assistant for a variety of Kinesiology classes: Anatomy, Sport First Responder, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries, and Taping and Splinting.

Most recently I began operating “Katmah Training & Performance”, which focuses towards education and training for the equestrian athlete as just that, athletes. I’ve taken an interest in biomechanics and body awareness, and how improving those two things can improve performance in riding and all performances. Check out! Most recently I have continued my research into re-educating riders on their movement, and am doing a series of seminars locally for riding associations on that topic. Combining my experience in the equestrian world with my Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy education, I have developed a series of fitness classes for athletes of all shapes and sizes, and worked to market the advantages of strength and conditioning for the equestrian athlete. My clients benefit from my comprehensive education and passion for strength and conditioning, biomechanics, motor control and movement enhancement. I’ve checked off starting my own business off my bucket list, and work hard to keep making the business the best it can be every day!


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