After graduating from small town Carman Collegiate, I was accepted into the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg. After completing my first year I decided to take a year off to travel and attend the “school of life”.

It was during this period where I decided to make a switch in Faculties and trade to a specialty in Kinesiology…specifically Athletic Therapy.One of the best decisions I’ve made thus far. I have since completed my BSc. in Kinesiology, and plan on taking my certification exams as a Athletic Therapist this coming fall. Beyond this I am considering a Masters in either biomechanics or motor learning and control.

I currently am a certified first responder through Canadian Red Cross.   I have certification in Soft Tissue Release Techniques, and have completed classes in Biomechanics, Nutrition, Massage, Taping and Splinting, Injury Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, Exercise Physiology, and Advanced Resistance Training Techniques. I have also taken Stuart McGill’s “McGill 1 and 2” seminars. I have a constant craving for knowledge and seek out every opportunity to further my education.



2 thoughts on “Education

  1. Mark Lafave says:


    I recently read your blog on the CATA newsletter. I loved reading it! Thank you for sharing.

    Mark Lafave, PhD, CAT(C)

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