Throughout high school I participated in, and in my Varsity years held leadership roles, in almost every sport available to me: soccer, volleyball, cross-country running, basketball, badminton, track and field, and curling. Beyond this I have been riding horses for 14 years now, and the equestrian sport has always been my main focus.

After completing high school, I remained a part of Varsity sports by coaching some basketball through my first year of University. However, I did not play on any organised teams as I made the choice to put my athletic focus into riding (as much as possible with a full-course load).

I have been privileged enough in the past few years to achieve many goals in this sport, including competing at a national level with top 5 results in my divisions. I look forward to pursuing many more goals in the years to come in this sport, and in other athletic endeavours.


Yoga, cycling, weight training, and running have made their way into my life as cross-training to improve my abilities in the saddle. In 2013 I participated in my first organised runs (a 5k and a 10k), and have plans to do a few 10ks this coming summer. I would also like to participate in a triathlon in the near future. Once time allows, I also hope to get back into the sport of curling.



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